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111 Regent Street
Leamington Spa, England, CV32

01926 888086

The White Room Gallery, modern and contemporary art in Royal Leamington Spa.

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James Vinciguera

James Vinciguerra

Artist Biography

James Vinciguerra has a playful approach to creating art: he sees the world as something which can be "exaggerated, yanked [and] twisted" by an artist to create images "between the real and the fantastic".

Vinciguerra's work is made through a painstaking series of processes, combining various techniques and mediums: on-site observational work in charcoal, pencil, mono-print or collage, is scanned and reworked digitally to produce a final image which becomes a limited edition print.

Among his influences, Vinciguerra includes Picasso, El Greco, David Hockney and the Spanish artist Mariscal. He also takes inspiration from John Piper who, like himself, found subjects in the varying landscapes and architecture of Britain and Europe.

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